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As a Dubai drone filming company, we have provided aerial filming and creative drone services to some of the most prestigious projects in the region. Some of these include, the NYE fireworks at Burj Khalifa, Dubai World Cup and Discovery VR.

Our creative department comprises of drone operators, engineers, film makers and photographers. This allows us to perform continuous innovation while providing stunning quality aerial filming. It is essential for drone pilot’s to have necessary film related experience to understand a directors vision on set. We aim to provide the perfect shot above.

Safety is our number one priority due to which we ensure that all our projects abide by local rules and regulations. We are a certified by all national and federal authorities allowing us to obtain an aerial permit anywhere.

Dubai Drone Filming Company

With a combined 20 years of film production experience, our team believes passionately in telling stories through exquisite pictures. Our professional drone unit relies on years of on-set experience, communication and rigorous practice to apply the standards of conventional ground-based film production to drone filming. For us, the future of aerial filming also lies in the ability to shoot complex, extremely close range & precisely articulated shots. Our pilots are trained to move that camera quickly and precisely, close to the action, take after take.

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Cutting edge drone technology through continuous innovation for the perfect shot above.

Certified Operators

Airscope is proud to be certified by all local and federal civil aviation authorities. All our operators have undergone both in-house and civil aviation required trainings to ensure maximum safety and professional operations.

Hassle Free

We take care of everything from permits to flights! Being a certified Dubai drone filming company, we are able to provide quick turn around times for drone permits at any location in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the GCC.


Safety is our top priority. In addition to our $ 5,000,000 liability insurance, we ensure that careful preplanning along with a comprehensive risk assessment takes place in order to mitigate and potential incidents.

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