Airscope is the Middle East’s leading drone operator, having provided its aerial filming and creative drone services to some of the most prestigious projects in the region. Some of these include, the NYE fireworks at Burj Khalifa, Dubai World Cup and Discovery VR.

Our creative department comprises of drone engineers, film makers and photographers. This allows us to perform continuous innovation while providing stunning quality aerial filming. It is essential for drone pilot’s to have necessary film related experience to understand a directors vision on set. We aim to provide the perfect shot above.

Safety is our number one priority due to which we ensure that all our projects abide by local rules and regulations. We are a certified by all national and federal authorities allowing us to obtain an aerial permit anywhere.


Airscope Aerial Services is a Dubai drone company that delivers drone filming and photography services with a focus of quality, professionalism & safety. Our experienced and certified drone pilots and cameramen provide years on on-set experience to ensure that we can offer top-quality drone filming across the region. Our close relationship with SANAD Academy, the Middle East’s first Civil Aviation certified drone training academy, ensures that we are able to offer highly skilled drone pilots to meet your requirements.

We offer world-class drone filming and photography services to production companies, broadcasters, property developers, events companies and governmental organizations.


With a combined 20 years of film production experience, our team believes passionately in telling stories through exquisite pictures.
Our professional drone unit relies on years of on-set experience, communication and rigorous practice to apply the standards of conventional ground-based film production to drone filming.
For us, the future of drone filming also lies in the ability to shoot complex, extremely close range & precisely articulated shots.
Our pilots are trained to move that camera quickly and precisely, close to the action, take after take.

Safe. Certified. Insured

Our pilots are commercially certified and experienced. We carry Third Party Liability Insurance of USD 5,000,000 as standard, we also offer additional extensions and Hull Insurance on a project basis.

Our crew undergo First Aid training, and our GCAA approved Company Operating Procedures ensure that they are trained in the correct way to handle any emergencies. Our Risk Assessment Service allows us to apply for Civil Aviation exemptions that allow us to fly at higher altitudes, at night, and in areas that would be otherwise ruled unsafe for drone operations.
Our latest drones are even equipped with sense and avoid technology that will notify the pilot of potential obstacles and stop the drone if necessary

Permit Handling Service

As a registered Commercial Drone Operator, we can assist our clients in obtaining the necessary permits to fly anywhere in the country using our Permit Handling Servicequickly and easily.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Airscope Industrial

For our industrial clients, we offer customised drone solutions to various sectors including, specialist inspections, thermal imaging, heavy lift drones to carry other payloads such as LIDAR and methane detectors, plant health monitoring and drone surveys for construction and progress monitoring.

Please visit our Airscope Industrial website to view some of our specialist solutions at Airscope Industrial

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