Leading Drone Technology Company in Dubai

As a leading and established drone filming company, Airscope aims to transform the future of the film production industry with high-quality aerial drone photography and professional drone filming.

As a legally registered drone operator with all local civil aviation authorities in the UAE, we are licensed to carry out aerial drone filming anywhere. Since our inception, we have provided expert aerial filming Dubai and drone photography services to major filming projects in the region. Our team holds an excellent reputation for providing exceptionally high-quality drone videos, which have been featured in multiple feature films and television commercials. Additionally, we also provide our services for live-broadcast events, including sports.

Leading Experts at Aerial Photography

Airscope is a team of expert filmmakers, professional photographers, highly experienced drone operators and pilots, engineers and creative individuals who love creating inspiring, mind-blowing and exciting videos of cinematic quality and precision using hi-tech drones.

We strive for perfection and continuously incorporate innovative techniques for stunning aerial filming visuals and results. Our production package offers up to 6K RAW & ProRes video recording together with a 19” director’s monitor with instant playback and onboard recording and Full HD video downlink, while our aerial photography solutions carry PhaseOne, Sony, Canon & Nikon cameras that can shoot up to 100 Megapixels.


The Inspire II goes from 0 to 50 mph (80 kph) in just 5 seconds and
hits a maximum speed of 58 mph (94 kph) and has a max descent speed of 9m/s for unheard of speed and agility in an aircraft this size. A dual battery system prolongs the flight time to a maximum of 27 minutes (with an X4S), while self-heating technology allows it to fly even in low temperatures.

The X7 is a Super 35 camera that delivers stunning resolution and image quality.A 24 MP CMOS sensor rated at 14 stops of dynamic range preserves astonishing detail and offers both 6K CinemaDNG and5.2K Apple ProRes with support for continuous RAW burst shooting at 20 fps and 24 MP stills.

Technical specifications of the DJI Zenmuse X7:

  • Super 35 sensor
  • 14 stops of dynamic range (measured by the manufacturer)
  • DJI DL-Mount optimized for prime lenses
  • 6K CinemaDNG RAW 12-bit, or 5.2K Apple ProRes up to 30fps.
  • 3.9K CinemaDNG RAW or 2.7K Apple ProRes up to 59.94fps.
  • Prime lenses in 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, carbon fibre construction.
  • Maximum aperture of F/2.8.
  • Dedicated ND 4 stages filter in the 16mm lens.
  • Mechanical shutter in the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm lenses.
  • New D-Log Curve and D-Gamut RGB profiles.
  • Up to 23 minutes flying time when mounted onto the DJI Inspire 2.

DJI DL/DL-S Lenses are professional prime lenses specially designed for aerial photography. Featured light-weighting carbon fiber casing, those lenses are able to reduce the payload of the gimbal and camera, improving the stability when shooting. With the DJI DL mount (diameter: 58mm), the lenses can be mounted onto Zenmuse X7, providing varying focal lengths. When used with Zenmuse X7, the focal length multiplier is 1.5 when taking stills..





Cinema DNG




Dynamic Range


Our Heavy lift aircraft is built to lift high-end cinematography platforms including the Alexa Mini,  Red Weapon, Red Dragon and Red Epic. This X8 aircraft allows DOP’s to achieve the perfect shot with its 3 axis gimbal and immense flight stability.






Payload Weight


Max Resoltuion


Aircraft Spec


Wind Resistance


The iXM 100MP and iXM 50MP are high-productivity metric cameras with a range of specially designed RSM lenses. The iXM cameras are ready for easy integration with a wide range of UAV platforms, including Phase One’s DJI Matrice 600 Pro solution. The cameras deliver superior quality aerial imaging and flexible operation to satisfy diverse mapping, surveying, and inspection applications

Unique Features

  • High resolution, with a pixel count of:
    • 11664×8750 for the iXM 100MP
    • 8280×6208 for the iXM 50MP
  • 3.76µm pixel for the iXM 100MP
  • Medium-format sensor with backside-illumination technology
  • Fast capture rate of 3 fps for the iXM 100MP
  • A choice of four specially developed RSM lenses
  • Easy integration with a variety of UAV platforms – with serial communication camera control and HDMI output, including camera status and image data in the overlay
  • USB-C and 10G Ethernet for versatility of connectivity to large UAVs and aircraft
  • Complete integration with DJI M600 PRO drones, including Phase One’s iOS application for remote camera control

Choice of RSM Lenses

Four new Phase One RSM lenses, with focal lengths ranging from 35mm to 150mm, were specifically created to fit the pixel and sensor size while maintaining sharpness across the image. The lenses have high optical resolution, offering new uses for both inspection and mapping applications. The lenses’ integrated leaf shutter offers high capture speed for an array of flight conditions.

Phase One Industrial developed the iXM series – revolutionary and uniquely designed cameras for UAV-based aerial imagery that redefine the boundaries of technological innovation.


Mega Pixels


Stop Dynamic Range


ISO Range


Min Exposures



The system is point to point (AB) wire cam type systems which use a single cable anchored between two points. They require no heavy expensive and energy hungry ground based winches. The FlyLine systems employ a DC motor on the trolley to “drive” along the cable. They are able to drive up a slope of slightly over 15 degrees at a weight of around 30lb.
They can travel on a level slope at up to 60lb all up weight.
Power is provided by on-board lithium polymer battery packs.
It is possible to reach speeds of up to 45mph (65kph) on an unsloped cable or move as slow as 6′ per minute (2 meters/min) for smooth slow motions. Slower speeds are possible with custom drive pulley ratios.

Braking is done electrically and is known as a Asynchronous Regenerative Braking (ARB).
ARB is accomplished with an industrial robot motor driver which means you’re putting power back into the battery when you decelerate or apply the brakes. Much like newer electric automobiles now do. The results with ARB are staggering. Putting as much as 50% of the power back into the battery for each acceleration/deceleration pair. The benefit is of course is greater duration/distance from a set of charged batteries.

The Cablecam is able to be controlled wirelessly via a joystick controller with a range of 1km

The camera can also be connected to a wireless video system to send and display camera video feed in real time to an LCD at the camera operator station.

The system is strung along a rope/cable between two anchor points. The anchors are generally structurally strong points, like Trees or Rigging Towers, strong scaffolding and light poles or other firmly fixed objects.

It is possible to run a distance of 7-10 miles on a single charge. This is of course assuming a level cable and moderate accelerations.
Average Battery time on average  is 1hr to 1.5hrs

The CableCam has been modified with a quick release system to carry the DJI full size Ronin gimbal.
The CableCam & Ronin Gimbal combination can accommodate an Arri Alexa Mini, RED Dragon, Red Weapon Helium, Sony FS7, Sony F55 , Canon C500, C300, C100 or DSLRs such as the Canon 5D MK3, Lumix GH4, Sony A7s – or similar in size camera when equipped with a 3 Axis Gyro Stabilised Ronin camera gimbal.  The system is controlled via RC airplane/helicopter type wireless 2.4ghz controllers. One controller is used by a trolley drive operator and one controller is used by the camera operator for composing the shots.

We can fit 2 X Kenyon KS4 gyros for extremely smooth wobble free video, should winds be strong.

The system relies on very special 8mm Dyneema Cable which is rated at 13,700lb breaking strength. The Cablecam can run a short distance of 10 Metres of Cable up to 500 Metres (NB special spooled cable would have to be ordered to run over 120 metres )

50 Metres to 100 Metres would be average at an event.

The longer the cable length the higher the tension on the cable must be. At a length of 200m it should be tensioned up to 1000lb.
It is REQUIRED that a qualified rigger calculate the cable and attachment loads and rig as required.

  • Size: 100 x 28 x 18 cm (not including camera gimbal)
  • Weight: 5kg (with batteries and gyros – without camera)
  • Max. payload weight (camera and gimbal: 25kg)
  • Max. speed: 70kph (45mph)
  • Max. cable slope: 27% grade (15°)
  • Operating voltage: 12-26vdc
  • Max amps: 50A
  • Regenerative braking: Yes
  • Duration: 7-10km travel distance per charge
  • Automatic End Point Motion Control: Optional

Video from a recent Live TV show called  ‘The Prince of Poets’
– 10 episodes, Season 6, AL Raha Theatre, Abu Dhabi
The Prince of Poets is a Live television series financed by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority. The Competition is aired in various countries across the Middle East and attracts up to 20 million viewers from all over the Arab World.
20 Arab Poets enter the competition with a chance to win 1 million Dirhams..


Max. Speed


Min. Speed / Smooth Crawl


Max. Payload


Max. Slope


Duration Per Charge