Airscope Permit Handling Service

Drone regulations in the UAE

Airscope’s in-house aerial permit handling service take care of all necessary permits to fly and film with drones on your behalf, making sure that your project runs smoothly and without stress.

The regulations for Filming with Drones in the United Arab Emirates can be seen as intimidating if proper procedure is not followed. Thankfully the Airscope team members have been operating in this region for over 8 years and we have developed the experience and workflow to make every permit application simple!

Airscope is certified for drone operations by both the GCAA in Abu Dhabi and the DCAA in Dubai, therefore trusted to fly anywhere in the UAE.

More than ever it is essential to have a company that knows what they are doing in the aerial permit application process as the consequences of illegal flights are severe. The repercussions can range from a hefty fine to even jail time.

Dubai Drone Filming Permits

For all drone filming in Dubai, approval needs to be obtained from Dubai Film & Television Commission, Ministry of Defense, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and General Civil Aviation Authority.

Our experienced stall will take care of the entire process for you. All we need from you is a Commissioning Letter and a No Objection Letter from the property owner or local authority in order to begin the process. After that our team will submit the necessary paperwork and liaise with all government departments.

The processing time for aerial filming permits in Dubai is currently 10 working days – this is subject to change so please feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Abu Dhabi Drone Filming Permit

All Drone filming permits in Abu Dhabi go through the online application portal of the General Civil Aviation Authority.

We require authorization from the following government entities for any Drone filming in Abu Dhabi. Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi Police HQ, General Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Defense.

In some cases, additional approvals might be required. For example for any site that is of cultural significance and/or critical infrastructure.

The processing time for aerial filming permits in Abu Dhabi is currently 15 working days – this is subject to change so please feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Drone Filming Permit for rest of UAE

In addition to the GCAA airspace and security approvals, a No Objection Letter is required from the Local Civil Aviation Authority

(Please allow extra days for Aerial filming permits close to any sensitive areas like a airports or borders)

The processing time for aerial filming permits around the UAE is currently 15 working days – this is subject to change so please feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Other Areas of Operation - Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Airscope has numerous professional relationships with other Civil Aviation Authorities within the GCC Member States and can easily mobilise to fly in Oman, KSA and Qatar for instance.

These regulations might seem complicated and worrying but in reality, they are clearly laid out and all government departments are here to help us achieve our creative vision.

We have many years of experience working closely with the various authorities to fly in the more complex areas, including in and around airports, military areas and ports so if you have any questions regarding the permit process, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help.