Autonomous Drones and 5G: Real Time 4K, VR are Game Changers for Automated Inspections

G5.1 NEST OPEN DRONETaiwan-based drone company Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corp. (CIRC) is taking a leading role in demonstrating the amplified benefits of autonomous drones and a 5G network throughout Asia.  On Jun2 30, CIRC  and Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) demonstrated newly available advances utilizing the CHT 5G network.  CHT is the largest mobile operator in Taiwan, and its 5G network was rolled out at the end of June.   This demonstration was the latest in CIRC’s agreements with Asian telecom companies: the company formed cooperative agreements with Japanese and Korean telecom firms in April this year.   In working to ensure that their automated drone solutions are ready to take advantage of 5G networks, CIRC is demonstrating a new standard for enterprise drone solutions.

5G shows tremendous promise for the drone industry, improving the transmission of data CIRC CHT 5G Control Roomand providing significant operational improvements.  CIRC’s sophisticated autonomous drone solution provides a wide range of applications: the benefits of 5G will add significant value to enterprise customers. “This milestone prepares CIRC to provide its customers with significant operational advantages, including better real-time video stream quality; reduced battery consumption, which means longer mission times and greater distances; and greater data processing in real-time,” says CIRC.  “These new capabilities improve operational efficiency and service quality for enterprise applications like security surveillance, infrastructure inspection, disaster prevention environmental change monitoring, and delivery logistics.”

In a high profile demonstration for Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen, CIRC and Chunghwa Telecom worked together to demonstrate remote drone inspection and real-time transmission of 4K.  The live broadcast of ultra-high-definition video shows the application value of autonomous drones and 5G to all watchers.  As 5G networks expand across the globe and drone technology continues to evolve,  the value proposition for industrial drone solutions becomes even greater.   As CIRC demonstrated on June 30th, the drone industry holds enormous importance today for enterprise applications – and that importance that will only grow over time.

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