DJI Developer forum opens for free.

DJI Agras

In the continuous effort to stay closer to developers like you, we are excited to launch the DJI Developer Forum. It is a place for sharing knowledge and submitting feedback. All developers are welcome to join today for free.

The forum will be divided into three separate sections:

  1. Technical Discussion
    This is where developers can report any issues related to DJI SDKs or DJI Developer Website. In this section, developers can also contribute to high quality materials, such as technical articles, SDK tutorials, and FAQs. In addition, the contribution might be rewarded by DJI.
  2. Enterprise Applications
    This is where developers can discover the latest enterprise solutions and other developers’ success stories. This section is for unleashing and elevating the possibilities of DJI SDK.
  3. Announcement
    This is where developers can find information on DJI SDK new features and roadmap. This is also the section for relevant activities, such as SDK online courses and technical writer recruiting.

We hope that the Developer Forum will be a platform for all of us to solve problems and enhance product development together.

Below are the links to the Developer Forum:

You can also enter the developer forum from the home page of DJI’s Developer website:

If you have any questions about the DJI Developer Forum, please send emails to [email protected].


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