Drone Delivery of Library Books: Wing’s Newest Application Makes Summer Reading More Fun

drone delivery library books

image: Wing

COVID-19 has brought consumer drone delivery to the attention of many looking for ways to receive critical supplies without personal contact.  The drone delivery of library books might be one of the best applications yet.

Google spin-off Wing was the first company in the U.S. to receive authorization to operate a commercial drone delivery service: in October of 2019, the company began drone delivery of food and medicines in Christianburg, VA.

 Now, the Washington Post reports, a committed middle school librarian in Christianburg has convinced Wing to add drone delivery of library books to their portfolio – a great way to get kids excited about reading.

Kelly Passek was one of Wing’s first customers for drone delivery of household goods and meals.  Wing has worked with local companies and Walgreens to deliver consumer goods to communities, following on successful implementations of their consumer drone delivery platform overseas.  Passek was so impressed with how quickly items were delivered, that she petitioned Wing to take on library books.