DroneDeploy’s New Release is Looking Forward

Drone Deploy's new releaseDroneDeploy‘s new release shows that despite the coronavirus, the company is working to ensure that businesses can get the data they need – regardless of the circumstances.

DroneDeploy has expanded their product offering continually over the last several years.  The spring release may be one of the biggest yet: with an impressive list of new features.  To summarize:

  • DroneDeploy Missions: During the flight, add as many new plans as needed, such as a new video plan to capture a specific area of the site, so you can maximize air time.
  • Live Stream: Live stream the drone’s current flight path with real-time, visual context to decision-makers who aren’t on the scene to address issues and respond to emergencies quickly. This feature is more important than ever with folks working in several locations.

  • Enhanced Thermal Flight: Quickly identify and understand issues on-site with a simple and easy toggle between the thermal and RBG cameras.

  • 2-D Inspections: Conduct photo-based inspections on 2D orthomosaics with the ability to tag team members to document the inspection from discovery to resolution.

  • Org-Level Auto Exports: Upload all media types to the cloud via your mobile device. All the media will be uploaded and processed into the right plan.

  • ESRI Integration: Customers have the latest site maps from DroneDeploy to help improve safety, documentation, and visibility for any site.

DroneDeploy's New Release“DroneDeploy’s Spring Release comes at an uncertain time for much of the world,” says the DroneDeploy blog post outlining the new release. “With countless businesses put on hold, and billions of people maintaining physical distance, now, more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of communication, flexibility, and virtual engagement. At DroneDeploy, we plan to continue to enhance our product and services to provide you with the solutions you need to operate effectively in any working condition.”

“Our customers have told us that drone inspections are an integral part of their workflow, and that they needed a platform that could scale within the organization and connect with critical internal systems. With this release, we’re excited to announce key pieces of functionality to continue to address those priorities with enhancements to flight, uploads, inspections workflow, integrations, and more.”


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