DRONEII: The Drone Industry Barometer 2019


Comparing last year’s perspectives to this year’s, drone companies had a much more difficult time than expected. While many predicted that this year would be fairly positive and strong for them, it turns out that many companies struggled to increase their sales and as such did not grow as quickly as they had anticipated.

Sales & Marketing in the Spotlight

More and more resources are being spent on sales and marketing. Survey results show major increases in company spending on improving sales & marketing apparatuses, while product development is getting allocated less money.

We asked drone service companies to tell us for what purposes they use drones. Here we found out that drone service providers (DSPs) often handle tasks like mapping and inspections. Meanwhile, more operational tasks like surveying and monitoring stay in house and are mainly handled by internal drone services.

When asked to identify the biggest hurdles to their business, most companies pointed to regulations. Whether they are unclear, inconsistent or simply stringent, the current rules and regulations are causing difficulties for the drone industry.