Drones in the Pandemic [Podcast]

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Now is the time for a discussion on how drones can – and should – be used to respond to the current Covid-19 crisis.  In this ABA National Security Law podcast, hear drone law expert Dawn Zoldi take a deep dive on the use of drones in the pandemic.

“The main reason I wanted to talk about this is because, as a former military attorney, to me, it’s all about getting the mission done — and the mission right now is survival in the COVID environment,” says Zoldi. “Drones are the ultimate tool to effectuate physical distancing while providing key benefits to society. They can help us do that by delivering packages and medicine, monitoring the environment, assisting the media, and so much more.  Now is the time to rethink overly constraining regulatory and policy structures – to enable those operations – and lawyers are in a position to do that. We have the R&D to build safety cases to move forward now, so let’s go!  I’m pleased to see that since I taped this podcast just a few weeks ago, the FAA flexed their authority and provided operators some relief in the testing arena. So much more can still be done.”

“When human to human contact is the problem, send in the robots,” Zoldi says in her discussion.

Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF, Retired) is a licensed attorney and a 25-year Air Force veteran. She is an internationally recognized expert on unmanned aircraft system law and policy, a recipient of the Woman to Watch in UAS (Leadership) Award 2019 and Founder/CEO of P3 Tech Consulting LLC.  Zoldi is also a proud member of the American Bar Association (ABA).  National Security Law Today is a podcast of the ABA’s Standing Committee on National Security and the Law, where legal experts discuss the hottest topics and current issues in the world of national security, and provide information and advice for lawyers, law students or interested parties who want to dig deeper into the law that protects the country.

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