Fly longer, Carry more, Do more! Introducing the Alpha 900

alpha 900 dark

Alpha Unmanned Systems, SL, leading manufacturer of small tactical helicopter UAVs worldwide, is pleased to announce the global release of its new Alpha 900 helicopter UAV. Built upon the successful Alpha 800 platform, the new Alpha 900 is larger, flies longer and can carry more payload than ever before. Available in two formats, Long Endurance (LE) for autonomous flights up to 4,5 hours, and Heavy Payload (HP) flying loads with up to 6kgs, the Alpha 900 has a MTOW of 25kgs and fills a multitude of industrial requirements.

An ISO9001 Certified manufacturer, Alpha Unmanned System has built the new Alpha 900 STANAG Compliant, to fly reliably in the most challenging environments. The development of the Alpha 900 was made possible through the generous support of Spain’s CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) and FEDER (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional). Funding and support from these organizations has helped accelerate the development of the Alpha 900, which now surpasses its closest competitors in terms of technology and operative capabilities.

alpha 900 payload

More robust, more reliable, more possibilities.

The Alpha 900 UAV helicopter is a highly valuable operative resource designed for
many types of missions in challenging environments, including:
 Multi-sensor surveillance
 Reconnaissance
 Wildfire control
 Precision agriculture
 LiDAR data collection
 Off-shore monitoring
 Border control
 Topographic Surveying
 SAR operations
 Infrastructure inspections
 ER Logistics

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