Gremsy Releases S1V3 Industrial Gimbal

Gremsy S1

Vietnamese gimbal powerhouse, Gremsy, keeps innovating to provide tools that support an increasingly expanding range of commercial sensors and new applications.

The following is a Gremsy press release.

Meet S1V3 – the most lightweight yet multi-load aerial gimbal for industrial applications.

Gremsy S1 has been widely used by mappers, surveyors and other industry experts on the market for years thanks to its compact size and versatility. This April, Gremsy has just launched the latest version of Gremsy S1 – the S1V3 with new and improved features.

Gremsy S1V3 is still a small and lightweight gimbal with payload capacity up to 1.6 lbs for supporting a wide range of leading cameras. However, refinements and modifications have made the new S1 stronger, sturdier and more reliable.



Integrated Quick Release

With the upgrade version, Gremsy S1V3 brings with it the HDMI Hyper Quick Release that enables easy push-and-twist connection and hot-swapping capability among S1V3, T3V3 and T7 gimbals. This feature should come in handy for those users who need to change payloads regularly on their drones. With a quick-release mount, the dismantling process is timesaving and convenient for specific missions.

20% Increase In Motor Power

Thanks to the built-in 14.5 Volt power, motor power increases by 20% than the previous version, which strengthens the stability of the system in harsh environments. The S1V3 now can get power directly from external batteries of the drone or other power supply. Voltage input ranges from 15V to 52V and is down-converted to a stable 14.5V by the internal circuit to power gimbal and accessories.

Advanced I/O Design

Lastly, the S1V3 is redesigned with a common hardware interface including Sbus, AUX, Com, HDMI, JR, Power, Can and USB ports. These are all located on the quick release for easy and intuitive connection with external devices and third-party products.

± 345° Pan Rotation Capability

When carrying out aerial missions, the gimbal needs as much freedom of movement as possible to facilitate ease of the drone operation. Increasing the pan rotation to ± 345° is a modification of the S1 to help users achieve the best optimal results, especially in inspection or mapping missions.

With new and improved capabilities, the S1V3 is the flawless version for mappers, surveyors and industry experts demanding lightweight and high precision gimbals.

Gremsy S1V3 Highlights:

  • Integrated Quick Release
  • 20% Increase In Motor Power
  • Advanced I/O Design
  • ± 345° Pan Rotation Capability

You can find additional information about the Gremsy S1V3 HERE.


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