Heisha D.Nest Offers a Drone-in-a-Box Solution with a COTS Drone

Heisha D.NestDrone-in-a-box solutions are the ultimate in automation – a drone that lands to a home base and charges itself, ready to fly again without needing a human hand.  The Heisha D.Nest offers a drone-in-the-box solution for the commercial off the shelf (COTS) drone you are probably already using.

Heisha D.Nest separates the drone hardware from the charging station.  D.Nest is an automated drone charging station designed to fit almost any COTS drone: including DJI models from the Mavic to the Phantom.  D.Nest makes automated drone missions faster, easier, and cheaper than other automated platforms.

Here’s how it works. Heisha D.Nest is based on a Heisha C500 charging pad.  It includes  charging landing gear, a tailored Mavic 2 / 2 Pro battery, a canopy, an OC (Embedded AI-computer),  a LS (local server), an CS (internet server), and a T3 (HDMI camera monitoring).  Like other drone-in-a-box solutions, the canopy opens and closes to protect the drone while resting or charging: unlike other solutions, the canopy is designed to accomodate a wide variety of drones.  Special lightweight landing gear allows the drone to land safely and easily on the charging pad.  It’s incredibly simple to use, and doesn’t require enterprise drone programs to purchase all new hardware from an unknown manufacturer.

a640de801b721bcdb9e4240d56174756ec0e236bbce9609dabd395ffded6ada5 300x300 1Program managers can watch the D.Nest through the Heisha app.  The weather-proof T3 watches the D.Nest 24-7: the Heisha app also allows managers to watch the real-time drone video.

The Heisha D.Nest just makes sense for enterprise drone programs.  Battery endurance has been a major bottleneck for the drone industry.  Heisha are experts in charging technology: making drone charging faster, cheaper, and more efficient for users.  Drone programs already seeing success with their existing fleet of DJI COTS drones may not want to buy more expensive hardware and learn to use it.  The Heisha D.Nest lets program managers take a best-of-breed approach: the best charging technology and the best hardware for the ultimate drone-in-a-box solution.


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