How Do Drone Operators Get Clients? DRONELIFE Minute Survey.

how do drone operators get clientsIt’s a question that we get often at DRONELIFE: How do drone operators get clients?   It’s a complicated question, but critical to the success of drone services companies and the thousands of independent licensed drone operators.

In this DRONELIFE Minute Survey, we asked our readers how they’re finding jobs now – and the answers are illuminating.

There are a lot of very significant drone business surveys, and a lot of very official forecasts for the drone industry.  The DRONELIFE Minute Survey makes no claim to be either – it’s a way for DRONELIFE to share some of the prevailing buzz that comes our way from readers on a variety of subjects, and for us to track changes over time on topics that we feel would be of interest to our readers and the industry. Recent surveys included pricing in the commercial drone space and the effect of the coronavirus on business at a point in time.

In this DRONELIFE Minute Survey, we asked social media followers one simple question:  How do drone operators find jobs?  Let us know how you get clients.  Answers are anonymous, and respondents had 4 choices:

  • Craigslist or equivalent;
  • A drone services provider;
  • They find me;
  • No idea, it’s challenging.

So, How DO Drone Operators Find Clients?

If you’re an independent operator and finding clients is challenging, you aren’t alone.  More than half of the respondents answered with choice #4: finding jobs is challenging.    Of those drone operators who are succeeding in finding clients, many get clients by making themselves known – clients find them.  The remaining split roughly equally between finding jobs by working with a larger drone services provider, and finding jobs on job listing boards.

survey update
  • Craigslist or equivalent: 12.5%
  • A drone services provider: 12.5%
  • They find me: 20.8%
  • No idea, it’s challenging: 54.2%

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