Own your aviation business in this age of transformation

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A success kit for providing cloud-connected, commercial drone services

The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed our societies.   We have all been affected by this virus.  Entire industries have closed and continue to be without a clear path to re-opening. We have changed the way we work, and the way we live. Millions have lost their jobs and regardless of Herculean efforts made on all fronts, the future continues to be uncertain. The aviation industry has been hit particularly hard.  We now have to adapt and find solutions for this dramatically changed environment.

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AD is offering Flight to the Future, a collection of carefully tailored courses, supported by an online curriculum and business formation recipe that allow you to start your own professional UAV business. We want you to join us in this opportunity to be ready for the future.  Be your own boss, work from a safe environment and have your own hours.  You have to adapt but you can do it under your terms.  This is a chance to get out of unemployment, leave the present and reinvent yourself for the high technology future.

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