Partnerships Pay Off for Parrot’s ANAFI USA: Tailoring Solutions for the Public Safety Sector

Parrot ANAFI USAParrot‘s ANAFI USA was released last week and so far, reactions from the industry are positive.  The ANAFI USA is a drone designed thoughtfully for public safety and enterprise use – and it showcases Parrot’s robust network of partnerships and subsidiaries.

Parrot has invested significant time and money in their partnerships, building a portfolio that enables an end to end business solution.  With Parrot’s ANAFI USA, the hardware release synchronizes beautifully with the evolution of supporting software offerings like Pix4Dreact to provide an easy-to-use and effective solution, tailored to meet the needs of law enforcement.

Pix4DReact and “Ruggedized” Hardware

Both Pix4D and Parrot have clearly designed a product specifically to meet the needs of law enforcement.  Pix4D’s fast mapping offering is practical, effective, and tailored for the public safety sector.  “Compatible with the industry-leading mapping software Pix4Dreact, ANAFI USA allows first responders to quickly transform images into precise 2D maps on a laptop,” says Parrot.

Both Pix4D and Parrot have invested research time in the field in order to understand the specific needs of public safety.  Pix4Dreact is designed not only to provide the real-time mapping that law enforcement applications require, but to make it practical to adopt – it’s easy to use, and the software runs on the older, but more rugged, computers that most law enforcement teams have available.

Parrot’s ANAFI USA has also been “ruggedized.”  Based on the drone that Parrot has produced for the U.S. military, ANAFI USA is amazingly strong for it’s size: wind-resistant, dust-resistant, and rain-resistant.

Practical Pricing

There has been a lot written about the new security features of ANAFI USA: and both Parrot and Pix4D have tried to ensure that the security of the data can be taken for granted.  One point that has been less publicized, however, may be even more important in meeting the practical needs of law enforcement: pricing.  With the ANAFI USA priced at about $7,000 including the integrated cameras, the hardware is very affordable.  Pix4Dreact is priced extremely advantageously for law enforcement and public safety agencies, with every effort made to make it easy to purchase, easy to use, and easy for a public agency to justify.  The whole solution: hardware, sensors, and software – combines to make one of the best offerings for public safety on the market.

The Partnership Network

In addition to Pix4D, the ANAFI platform is compatible with an array of industry-leading drone software providers.  Parrot says that the current list is only a starting point: other partners will join the ecosystem in the near future.  From the Parrot website:

Through its open-source SDK and use of industry-standard protocols, ANAFI USA supports a growing ecosystem of professional applications and services, such as Survae (smart searching and visualization platform connecting video, images, and sensor data to interactive maps and timelines), DroneLogbook (compliance and fleet management), Kittyhawk (compliance and security for enterprise UAS fleet and airspace management.), DroneSense (comprehensive drone management platform enabling public safety organizations to build, manage, and scale their unmanned aircraft programs), Planck AeroSystems (autonomous landing on a moving vehicle), and Skyward, A Verizon company (aviation management platform, including airspace, LAANC access, as well as training, hardware, and connectivity for enterprise drone fleet deployments).


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