Passenger Drones in Canada: EHang Gets Special Flight Ops Certificate from Transport Canada

passenger drones in canadaIn big progress for urban air mobility in North America, EHang announces that they will soon start testing passenger drones in Canada.

EHang announced that their flagship passenger drone, the EHang 216, has obtained a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) issued by the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), the civil aviation authority in Canada. “This is another milestone in regulatory breakthroughs for EHang 216 and the first of this kind permit for periodic operations of passenger-grade AAVs in North America,” says the EHang press release.

“With the certificate, trial flights of EHang 216 AAVs can be routinely conducted in Québec province…. This achievement is an important foundation for future urban air mobility (UAM) operations in Canada.”

EHang is rapidly taking to the skies around the world.  In China, the passenger drones have been trialed in search and rescue operations, cargo delivery and logistics missions.  They have also been featured in a drone hotel collaboration, and have taken tourists to the skies.  In addition, EHang announced several partnerships in Europe this year, which will see official trials start in Spain.

EHang Founder, Chairman and CEO, Huazhi Hu said, “We are pleased to see the EHang 216 receiving such an important certificate from the TCCA, following consecutive flight approvals received from aviation authorities in different countries, including the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway and the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It conveys a positive signal from global regulators to establish a supportive and sustainable regulatory environment for the UAM industry. As a leader in the industry, EHang will continue to work with our customers and partners to provide safe, autonomous and eco-friendly air mobility solutions to the world.”


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