Septentrio unveils AsteRx-m3, the next generation of high-precision GNSS receivers

Septentrio AsteRx m3 GPS GNSS receiver scaledThe new AsteRx-m3 family features state-of-the-art GPS/GNSS OEM boards optimized for power consumption and ease of integration Leuven, Belgium – October 12, 2020 – Septentrio, a leader in high precision GNSS positioning solutions, announced today an expansion of its GPS/GNSS* OEM portfolio with AsteRx-m3 product family. AsteRx-m3 receivers target various use cases and offer flexibility and affordability with no compromises of performance. They feature the lowest power consumption on the market, allowing longer operation times. Their new easy-to-integrate design ensures short set-up times and faster time-to-market. “With the AsteRx-m3 product family, Septentrio redefines state-of-the-art […] Read the original article