The #1 Country for Global Business is Taking Their Place in the Drone Industry

Singapore Skyline Panorama

H3 Dynamics Holdings is one of the drone startups shaping the industry in Singapore.  H3 Dynamic Holdings are the developers of “DRONEBOX” – a fully automated and remote-deployable drone solution.  DRONELIFE asked Taras Wankewycz, the Group Founder & CEO at H3 Dynamics Holdings, about his company and the Singapore market generally.

DroneLife:  Please tell our readers about H3 Dynamics.

Wankewycz:  H3 Dynamics has been involved in the early phases of drone evolution – from power systems enabling fixed wing electric UAVs (since 2006), to more recently innovating on commercial drone business models and drone automation.

Singapore is a very small market for commercial drones, and like many areas of the world is looking to apply drones to commercial use cases. Singapore is leading the charge on trying to figure out what the next evolutionary step is for the global drone sector both from the technology innovation and the business model perspectives.

DroneLife:  What does the regulatory environment in Singapore look like?

Wankewycz:  Regulations are tight given there are 5 airports on a small and highly concentrated urban space. All drones and operators need to be registered and there are activity and operator permits that are mandatory for any flight. There are specific designated sites for recreational users. There are procedures for professional operators and clear guidelines from authorities.

BVLOS is being worked on and H3 Dynamics is the first to test solutions in cooperation with authorities. It’s a difficult topic given concentrated urban conditions, but technologies and features that maximize safety of deployments are being worked on. Given the constraints posed by the local conditions in Singapore – innovators in Singapore are working to think ahead of the curve compared to US and European markets which have larger land areas.

With clear drone regulations and the willingness to work with innovators like H3 Dynamics, Singapore is poised to take a significant place in the global drone industry.