The Gremsy Gimbal Designed Just for a WIRIS Camera – Search and Rescue, Security and More


Gremsy‘s advanced gimbals make work easy for commercial operators. Compact, lightweight, and feature-rich, Gremsy’s Pixy series have made a major impact in commercial applications from videography and mapping to thermal inspections.  Now, by popular customer demand, Gremsy introduces the Pixy WS: a gimbal designed specifically for the Workswell WIRIS security camera.

Workswell WIRIS Security is a thermal camera for drones designed specifically for security applications, such as building and perimeter surveillance, searching for missing persons, firefighting operations, field research, searching for and counting wildlife, etc.,” says the company. “This thermal camera is fully adapted to these applications with a high-resolution camera, assortment of lenses, functionalities, excellent temperature sensitivity, as well as rugged mechanical construction made of lightweight aluminium.”


PIXY WS is a version of the Pixy series specifically designed to fit this sizeable dual sensor – and to provide for a range of applications such as security, surveillance, and search and rescue. Pixy WS builds upon Pixy U, sharing its compact design and performance but tailored for the WIRIS Security camera.


Tailored for WIRIS Security: The Pixy WS is explicitly designed for WIRIS Security camera, providing numerous capabilities in a compact body.

Compact and Lightweight: Pixy WS is only 470g, making it one of the lightest Gremsy gimbals.

No Balance or Tuning Required: Built for a specific camera on tray, no balancing or tuning is required -giving you the fastest possible setup time.

Upside Down Perspective: The Pixy WS delivers excellent quality stabilization in inverted modes, making it perfect for precisely framed images.

Internal Wiring & Clean Design: All wires for the connection between gimbal and camera are covered by a bracket, to ensure a clean and smart design.

Compatible with Many Flight Controllers: The Pixy WS is compatible with Pixhawk & DJI FC.

Gremsy’s Pixy family of gimbals are the ideal tool for professional drone operations – offering the right solution at the right price.


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