This Brown University Grad Has Developed a Humanistic Approach to Drone Delivery: Less Noise, More Privacy

drone deliveryDrone delivery has the potential to revolutionize the entire framework of retail sales – as well as medical and emergency services.  The technology comes with some downsides, however: not all neighbors are excited about the noise that low flying drones create: and the recently revealed Amazon patent to use delivery drones for surveillance has stoked privacy concerns.

Recent Brown University graduate Aaron Zhang has patented a drone delivery mechanism to take care of those issues.  Using a “freefall delivery mechanism,” A2Z’s patented technology keeps drones at a 300 foot altitude throughout the entire process of pickup and delivery.

It’s an idea that has proven successful in rural areas: drone delivery heroes Zipline make their medical deliveries by dropping parcels by parachutes.  If A2Z is able to bring a similar technology to urban areas – and to add in an efficient pickup process – Aaron Zhang just might have a game changer for drone delivery.

The following is an A2Z Drone Delivery press release.

A2Z Drone Delivery is a research-focused drone delivery project aiming to develop a minimally-invasive approach to implement safe and efficient pickup and delivery for urban areas through its patented freefall delivery mechanism. A2Z recognizes the serious privacy and noise concerns linked to traditional drone deliveries and tackles these issues by stationing its drones more than 300 ft. above ground throughout the entire pickup and delivery process.

“The current landscape of the drone industry has many major and competitive players such as Amazon, Google, UPS etc. However, all of these companies have faced the same complaints of breached privacy and safety concerns. Our research at A2Z continues to focus on the development of the safest technologies that can be implemented seamlessly into society while addressing these important concerns” says Founder of A2Z, Aaron Zhang.

A2Z Drone Delivery currently specializes in the delivery of 5 lb. of small items from 400 ft. Its freefall delivery mechanism is patent-protected along with further developments on its ICE flight platform to allow for longer flight times and higher payload capacities, which is currently patent-pending.

For more information, please visit A2Z Drone Delivery’s ​Facebook​ and ​LinkedIn​ pages.

About A2Z Drone Delivery:​ A2Z Drone Delivery, LLC is a research-focused drone delivery project that started at Brown University in 2016 and is now based in Los Angeles. Its patent portfolio includes: a drone delivery mechanism and a long-endurance flight platform. Its mission is to develop innovative solutions to enable safe, accurate and non-invasive (low noise) drone deliveries.

About Aaron Zhang:​ A2Z Drone Delivery is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Aaron Zhang, a graduate of Brown University ‘16. Aaron Zhang has always been fascinated with robotics and designing solutions to problems. He is also the co-founder of I​ sotope Ticketing,​ a patent-pending ticketing platform that streamlines all sales channels, both online and offline.