HIVE is a fully automated drone station capable of 24/7 continuous and autonomous operations.
Unlike other solutions, Hive’s advanced robotics auto-swap batteries for the drone to be ready to fly again within minutes and without the need to wait for recharging.

  • Auto-changes batteries (after one minute, the drone is ready to fly again)
  • A built-in security module and climate control
  • 24 / 7 / 365 operation

Airscope is the Official Partner for Hive

  • Control from anywhere
  • 10 km2 /2,500 Acres area coverage
  • Suitable for any climate
  • Advanced AI
  • Weather station module
  • Weather station wind vane
  • Security camera
  • Omni-directional Wi-Fi antenna
  • Security camera, directed towards maintenance door
  • Landing table Infrared spotlight
  • Directed 3G/4G antenna
  • Brackets for equipment
  • Save time thanks to the fast reaction to any incident: one station can immediately deploy aflight in case of an incident within the perimeter of 100
  • Do not waste critical minutes during search and rescue operations: The drone is ready to be deployed after 1minute of battery swap.
  • Reduce the risk of evidence contamination due to immediate deployment to a crime scene or accident location.
  • Ensure 24/7 crowd control to ensure safety at large public events.
  • Implement 24/7/365 control protocols for border and troubled areas to help prevent and detect crime.
  • Decrease flight cost by at least 200% compared to the cost of helicopter flight.
  • Increase operational efficiency by mapping large areas in 2D to generate actionable insights.
  • Extend crime fighting capability by using AI, zoom and thermal cameras.
  • Decrease time between flight authorization and drone deployment to the accident location.
  • Anti-vandal housing and security module
  • Internet module and quick access to cloud service
  • Integrated weather stations
  • Manual mode and remote control
  • Temperature and humidity management inside the station
  • Hot-swap battery system and integrated charging station


  • Effective flight radius – 10 km2, area of coverage from 1 base station is 100 Km
  • Payload -LIDAR, thermal cameras, professional cameras, photogrammetric camera
  • Equipped flight time – 45 mins
  • Operating temperatures from -30 to +40
  • Fully autonomous flight with the possibility of interception in operator control by flight center from anywhere in the world
  • Advanced system of security and sensors obstacle detection


  • Highly Secure
  • Real Time 4G/5G Connectivity
  • Cloud Based / Access From Anywhere.
  • Intuitive Controls / User Friendly
  • Pre Programmable Mission Modes
  • Gimbal and Zoom Control
  • Live Video Feed
  • User Levels and Restrictions
  • Custom AI Integrations


Powerful edge computing and AI capabilities enable intelligent data analysis and recognition of potential incidents in the real-time video stream.

Object Detection

Image-Based Object Detection And Classification With Neural Networks

Detection Modules

Real-time notifications when a certain type of object appears in the field of view of the camera.

Real-time streaming

Live Streaming Of Ongoing Flights To Multiple Users

Automated Data Upload

Automatic Data Collection And Archiving By Edge Computing And 4G Connection




Remote Locations

Smart City

Assets and Facilities