Drones for Bridge Inspection

Underdeck Inspection

Close proximity, remote underdeck inspection allows a much safer and quicker operation than traditional methods such as scaffolding or rope access. This allows multiple remote operations in less time, helping quicker decision making.





Corrosion and Faults

Using powerful 10x zoom lenses onboard our aerial platforms, we are able to capture high resolution data from a very close proximity, do inspect for corrosion, faults or damage.

Reduced Costs

Remote inspections avoid the need of road closures and night time operations. It is also quicker than traditional methods, thereby reducing inspection costs significantly.

Increased Safety

Electric UAV systems are much safer as they remove the need for road side operation and is also safer than traditional methods such as rope access.

Quick Deployment

Traditional methods such as rope access and scaffolding are costly and time consuming. Using UAV systems, we are able to operate remotely without any time consuming set up.

Enterprise Class Technology

Airscope has enormous pride in it’s relentless pursuit of the best technology available.
We work with established and proven brands such as WORKSWELL, FLIR and UVIRCO for specialist sensors and software.