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Airscope has built an excellent reputation for successfully providing high quality drones for construction in the UAE and globally ever since its inception. Our cutting-edge drones provide 3D mapping technology and aerial and visual and thermal sensors for high resolution imaging.

Drones in construction provide stakeholders with progress reporting during pre-construction and throughout the project lifecycle, and have been shown to increase efficiency through effective oversight of material management, housekeeping, and dispute resoltion.

In addition to our aerial visual inspection services, Airscope offers additional services to the construction industry, including our online survey data platform, which allows for rapid decision making based on up to date survey grade data.

Cost Savings 90%
Improved Health and Safety 80%
Reduced Time 70%
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Site Monitoring and Progress Reporting Through the Use Drones in Construction Projects

Our user-friendly online platform makes it possible for companies to improve their workflows through rapid data processing and real-time sharable drone maps and 3D models with built in measurement and analysis tools.

Our accurate & rapid drone surveys combined with our online data sharing platform allows for project monitoring with built in measurement & analysis tools and data sharing.

Save Time, Money and Manpower On Your Construction Sites

We provide detailed analytical reports through drone surveys using powerful data processing software to construction companies for the improvement of their workflows. With our high-quality drone images and survey data of your construction site, you will be able to investigate and inspect your project for any kinds of faults, damages or problems with less downtime, and quickly identify deviations and minimize costly and timely reworks. Moreover, you will be able to manage your resources and risks better, which will save both your time and costs on unforeseen incidents.

Most importantly, we are certified with all local civil aviation authorities in the UAE. We boast of a 0% accident track record, and perform detailed risk mitigation prior to initiating work on a project.

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