The mining sector is beginning to realize substantial savings from speed and value that drone survey provides. A volumetric survey of stockpiles and cut and blast points can provide actionable information within hours, ensuring that inventory is accurate, and pit and dump management is optimal.

The use of drones in mining operations can further add value to:

• Damage Assessment
• Up-to-date surfaces for optimizing blast design
• Stockpile management
• Drainage management
• Ongoing progress monitoring and reporting
• Haul-route optimisation

Terrain modelling

Drones allow for terrain to be mapped quickly, safely and cost effectively.

With a single automated flight, a drone can collect timely, geo-referenced imagery that is quickly transformed into a precise 3D copy of your site

Accurate Elevation Models

Elevation model creation and data that can be imported into most BIM and 3D modelling software for analysis and manipulation by your in-house teams.

Stockpile Reporting

Highly accurate volumetric analysis of stockpiles with significantly lowers risks to surveyors as they are no longer required to span mining sites and climb stockpiles in order to perform inspections.

Enterprise Class Technology

Airscope has enormous pride in it’s relentless pursuit of the best technology available.
We work with established and proven brands such as WORKSWELL, FLIR and UVIRCO for specialist sensors and software.