Drones for Oil and Gas


Using industry grade UAV systems we are able to conduct close range remote visual and thermal inspections and surveys at live unreachable structures onshore and offshore. Remote operations significantly reduce costs of downtime while increasing safety.




Internal Tank Inspection

Using a fully protected and caged aircraft, we are able to perform internal inspections on operational vessels and tankers such as bulk carriers and oil storage tanks as well as other confined spaces such as chimney stack and thermal boilers. This reduces the risk of labour working at heights and dangerous confined spaces.

Live Flare Stack Inspection

Remote inspection using UAV systems allows operation while the flare is live and online, therefore avoiding the requirement to shutdown. This saves millions of dollars per inspection as an online inspection, 4-6 months before a shutdown, provides the information to fully plan, budget or postpone shutdowns and turnarounds, removing risk and leading to further cost savings.

Underdeck Inspection

Our user-friendly online platform makes it possible for companies to improve their workflows through rapid data processing and real-time sharable drone maps and 3D models with built in measurement and analysis tools. Accurate & rapid drone surveys combined with our online data sharing platform allows for project monitoring with built in measurement & analysis tools and data sharing.