Site Monitoring and Progress Reporting using Drones in Construction Projects


Airscope has built an excellent reputation for successfully providing high-quality drones for construction in the UAE and globally ever since its inception.
Our cutting-edge drones provide 3D mapping technology and aerial and visual and thermal sensors for high-resolution imaging.

Drones in the construction provide stakeholders with progress reporting during pre-construction and throughout the project lifecycle, and have been shown to increase efficiency through effective oversight of material management, housekeeping, and dispute resolution.

In addition to our aerial visual inspection services, Airscope offers additional services to the construction industry, including our online survey data platform, which allows for rapid decision-making based on up-to-date survey-grade data.

Progress Monitoring for Construction

Efficient Progress Monitoring is integral to keep operations running smooth, avoid delays and reworks.
Our Drones help ensure the speed and quality of extensive constructive projects; sustain stakeholders and buyers confidence; and maintain compliance of all government land and environment regulations.

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Using Drones for Monitoring Progress

Drones offer an aerial overview of the entire site within hours whereas traditional methods take weeks to aggregate and compile a report with actionable data.Drone Technology can enable you with: Aerial Data, Cloud Reporting, Saving Time and Full Historical Data.It can reduce costs and streamline your operation by giving you actionable data at near real-time.

Our Drones provide detailed and precise images and videos to get that bird’s eye overview of your site's progress.Using highly accurate positioning our data can be further used to create Highly Precise Orthomosaic maps and provide 3D reality capture.

• 4K UHD Video Filming
• 24 Megapixel Photography
• Computer controlled Drone & Camera movements
• Repeatable & identical each time


At the end of a project, a final film that shows the progress of construction over time can be edited. Using sophisticated motion graphics, we can “paint in” the construction progress in a compelling exploration of the progress and stages of construction, providing a lasting and powerful visual summary of the development of a project that your clients and stakeholders will refer to for years to come.