Drone Solar Panel Inspection in Dubai

With over 300GW of capacity in the world, and ever-increasing efficiency, solar technology offers an inexhaustible power source.

Thermodiagnosis of photo voltaic cells ensures that hot spots caused by damage or misalignment show up readily to the viewer.  Our specialist thermal imaging drones can cover an entire solar field in hours, combining multiple sensors for visual and thermal inspection.

Our cloud based Asset Management Software provides survey grade accuracy, detailing module faults, string faults, racking and balance faults and temporary shadowing issues are presented to our clients within hours of completing an thermal drone survey.

Multiple Benefits and Applications of Our Drone Thermography Services

Airscope drone services offer class societies and marine surveyors the ability to physically examine ships and cargo.
Loss adjusters can benefit from our inspection flights with high resolution zoom cameras to assess damage to vessels and assess marine claims, while operators can assess the condition of assets, such as oil rigs, pipelines and offshore turbines.

Our drones at height can be employed to carry out inspections and help with any form of reporting required to assess the structural integrity of a vessel or to monitor the loading of cargo.

Airscope – Leading Providers of Drone Thermal Inspection Services

Airscope is a leading drone company in the UAE with many years of experience and unparalleled expertise in providing drone filming solutions and drone solar panel inspection services.
We provide hi-tech, cutting-edge drones powered by the most advanced technology and radiometric thermal cameras for the inspection and remote inspection of solar panels to collect the necessary data efficiently and accurately.

Affordable and High Quality Drone Inspection of Solar Panels with Comprehensive Data Reports

At Airscope, we provide the best drones for solar inspection to survey solar panels that are not easily accessible, such as on building rooves, where manual inspections and surveys of are both time-consuming and risky. Our drone thermography services negate all these issues and present comprehensive and detailed inspection reports to our clients in a quick and efficient manner.

Moreover, we provide thermal inspection solutions to leading energy industries in the UAE at market-competitive prices and carefully design these solutions while keeping the requirements and budgets of our clients in mind.

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The accessibility and capability of the mission-critical data gathered for asset integrity inspections has been a game-changer for the renewables industry.

Enterprise Class Technology

Airscope has enormous pride in it’s relentless pursuit of the best technology available.
We work with established and proven brands such as WORKSWELL, FLIR and UVIRCO for specialist sensors and software.