Our Timelapse Solutions provide;

  • Cutting-edge electronics
  • State-of-the-art remote control
  • 4G remote access
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Client access to cloud gallery
  • Solar power management
  • Robust Housing with Electronic Fan
Dubai Timelapse Cameras For Construction
Dubai Timelapse Cameras For Construction

500 GB Internal Storage

We provide up to 500GB of industrial-grade SSD storage built into our equipment which means we have enough space to save even the largest RAW image files, for months on end.

Superior Connectivity

Airscope’s time lapse equipment is engineered for performance. The time-lapse controller will reliably capture and upload thousands of photos, for years on end.
The high-speed modem allows you to receive status updates, get photos, and change time-lapse settings, all over the cellular network, fast.

Multiple Power Solution

Our Time Lapse Equipment uses a Lightweight 20W solar panel which is more than enough to keep the camera system running day after day. Other power options include dual solar, an all-weather AC charger, and a large-capacity external battery pack.

Multiple Options for DSLR Camera

For a 100° field-of-view we can provide any camera and lens of choice for your long-term time-lapse setup.
Our Time Lapse equipment is compatible with a range of professional DSLR cameras and lenses for the highest quality photos and maximum artistic control.

Long Term Time Lapse Photography

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Cutting-edge Cloud Platform

Our time lapse equipment is connected to a powerful cloud feature-set that includes:

  • Professional Cloud-Based Image Gallery
  • Remote Scheduling and Camera Control
  • Photo forwarding to Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS, and more.
  • Status Reporting and Alert Notifications.
  • Auto-generated Progress Reporting Videos.
  • AI-Driven Time-lapse Movie Composer.

Remote Access and Control of Camera Settings

Our client’s projects are not limited to a few basic camera settings.
With direct remote access to your DSLR, our time lapse equipment allows for control of a much wider range of camera settings.
And, with advanced scheduling, you even pre-schedule changes to camera settings weeks in advance.

Stress Free 24/7 Active Status Reporting

Monitor your system with continuous status updates and detailed diagnostic reporting.
Active email alerts, SMS notifications, and a fleet-wide Alerts dashboard give you visibility on anything that requires your attention.

Power and Flexible Advanced Scheduling

Advanced scheduling lets you create shooting regimes with your time lapse equipment that perfectly matches your project.With the flexible scheduling options you can;

  • Set different regimes for each day of the week.
  • Shoot fast during the day and upload overnight.
  • Pre-schedule config changes for future events.
  • And much, much more!

Time lapse housing built for the roughest conditions

With the rugged IP-66 housing and temperature-tested electronics, we can deploy our time lapse camera systems to the harshest of climates, job after job.
Our equipment has been successfully deployed in all kinds of locations and conditions, from the deserts of Australia and Saudi Arabia to the winters of Canada and Finland.

The Most Powerful Time Lapse Solutions For the Middle East

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