Everything You Need to Know About SkyPixel and DJI’s 2018 Aerial Photo & Video Contest

DJI and SkyPixel’s fourth annual drone photo contest is here. Since its launch in 2014, DJI’s social media platform has gone on to become a global community for aerial photographers and videographers. It now has more than 10 million registered users around the world and thousands of aerial images and videos uploaded daily.

Last year, SkyPixel hosted its 3rd annual photo contest. Members were asked to submit their best drone-enabled shots. 44,000 photos from over 140 different countries later, a handful were selected as winners across a number of categories.

This year’s contest will run from December 18, 2018 to February 18, 2019. In many ways, it’s a perfect marketing device for DJI. Thousands of inspirational shots from across the globe make for a pretty inspirational catalogue for prospective pilots.

This year Skypixel is welcoming submissions from professional photographers, videographers, aerial enthusiasts and content creators of all kinds.

SkyPixel and DJI’s 2018 Aerial Photo & Video Contest

The 2018 SkyPixel Aerial Photo & Video Contest consists of two storytelling formats: photography and video. As long as you’ve taken your shots from above, participants can submit as many photos or videos as they wish in the categories outlined below.

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$120,000 of prices to be won in 2018 SkyPixel contest

As you might expect, DJI is attempting to attract submissions with a range of prizes, which include a Hasselblad X1D-50c camera, a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and the new Osmo Pocket three-axis stabilized gimbal. SkyPixel will organize a series of exhibitions at different DJI Flagship Stores in 2019 to showcase the winning pieces.

Select work will also be featured and introduced at workshops hosted by winners and professional photographers in conjunction with SkyPixel.

“DJI has redefined how a drone should look like and what it can do. The compact size, portability and powerful imaging system of our drones have also made capturing amazing aerial content easier than ever before. Now anyone can take their creativity and inspirations to the skies,” said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director, DJI Europe.

“We are seeing more and more aerial photographers and content creators sharing their unique perspectives and stories of the world via SkyPixel. With this contest, we hope to encourage more people to learn about aerial technology, and together embrace this new creative way of storytelling.”

SkyPixel’s contests over the past three years have received over 100,000 submissions, so there’ll be no shortage of competition. Past collections have focused on categories including nature, culture, architecture, and original aerial masterpieces.

skypixel and dji aerial photo and video drone contest

What are the categories for the 2018 SkyPixel Aerial Photo & Video Contest?


· Nature: Capture footage of natural scenery, wildlife and landscapes

· City: Showcase the beauty of urban landscapes and man-made architecture

· Sport: Capture moments in movement and the power and energy of humans doing sports

· Travel: Share a story about humanity, culture, or your unforgettable adventure (people should be included in these videos)

· Creative: With your aerial techniques or intelligent features on your drone, curate a visual story to showcase your creative skills and extraordinary visual effects

Video submissions should not be longer than five minutes and must feature at least 30 seconds of aerial footage.


· Nature: Capture a moment in time and reveal the true beauty of nature

· Architecture: Discover amazing structures from a new perspective

· Fun: Experience the world from a unique angle while capturing moments of fun

· Sport: Capture the energy and excitement of an athlete pursuing their dreams

“No matter what categories participants decide to enter, they should always fly with caution, observe their flight environment and follow local regulations at all times,” reads a statement from DJI.

Across the above nine categories, SkyPixel and DJI will give away 49 awards, including two Grand Prizes, and nine first, second and third prizes in each category. There will also be 10 Nominated Entries that are selected by a panel of judges and 10 by popular vote, measured by which submissions get the most ‘likes’ on SkyPixel during the contest period.

Contest awards include the Hasselblad X1D-50c camera, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Osmo Pocket and other products worth a total of approximately $120, 000 USD.

The judging panel includes Toby Strong, a documentary photographer who has won many Emmy and BAFTA awards, and Ben Nott, one of Australia’s most prestigious directors of photography.

Drying nature

Drying nature, the winner in the Professional category from last year’s contest.

Want to submit?

Here are the details you need to know:

Submission Start Date: December 18, 2018, 2:00 PM, China Standard Time

Submission End Date: February 18, 2019, 2:00 PM, China Standard Time

Award Announcement: March 20, 2019

Feeling inspired? Head to the 2018 SkyPixel Photo & Video Contest website for more information.


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