Extreme Sports Drone Video: Behind the Scenes in Red Bull’s MX Freeride Video

extreme sports drone video

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Tyler Bereman’s freeride MX takes extreme skill – and so does the pilot creating the extreme sports drone video that displays it.    “Tyler Bereman’s “One Shot,” released Tuesday on Red Bull channels, is a unique video collaboration showcasing the world’s leading talents in both freestyle motocross and drone flying,” says Red Bull.

In a five-minute film captured in a single take by Schaer, Bereman shows off his riding while Schaer captures the rider, the ranch, and the emotion behind the freeride.  The setup of the course took days – but the results were worth it.  (You can get a behind the scenes look at the set up on Red Bull TV, here.)

“There’s a little bit of everything I love to ride in this line: doubles, triples, step-ups, left and right hits, technical jumps and wide-open track stuff,” said Bereman. “It was a long process to put it all together in a way that would suit my riding and give Johnny a chance to show his chase skills.”

extreme sports drone video

 Red Bull Media House, Editorial use only 

“The resulting video is a dance between two professionals at the top of their respective games. As Bereman tackles jumps and throttles through bumps, first-person-drone drone operator Schaer chases him down with a DJI Osmo Action and the DJI FPV transmission system, flying close, pulling back and pirouetting around the rider to deliver a vantage point that leaves viewers breathing as hard as the rider himself,” says the Red Bull release.

“It really was a true collaboration. It’s 50 percent his filming and 50 percent my riding. I had this amazing line to ride and he was able to get extremely dynamic to really showcase both his flying as well as my riding,” says Bereman.

The team took only one day to practice and four takes to get the final, stunning video.  Tyler would nail the biggest tricks repeatedly without many mistakes,” said Schaer. “Obviously, not all of my takes are perfect so the one we nailed is because he completely nailed it.”

extreme sports drone video

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“One of the world’s top drone pilots, Schaer is known for his ability to capture cinematic and fast-paced first-person video that seem to merge fiction and reality with unique angles and emotional cinematography,” says Red Bull. “Flying under the handle “@Johnny_FPV,” he has amassed nearly half a million followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands more on YouTube.”

The Drone Behind Extreme Sports Drone Video

Schaer used the Osmo Action, DJI’s first action camera, “which can deliver 4K video and smooth footage with the use of RockSteady, DJI’s Electronic Image stabilization,” says Red Bull.  “The DJI FPV digital transmission system provides a ultra low-latency, HD image feed from the system attached to the drone to the pilot to capture heart-stopping action in stunning detail.”

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