Using the Latest Technologies we provide Aerial and Ground based 360° Panoramic Photography and 360° Filming in 2D or 3D for VR and AR

360 Video Filming in 2D or 3D

360 Degree Immersive videography shows the entirety of a location and event. When played back through a browser or VR Headset the user can relive every moment in detail, being able to look wherever they want to see anything from any angle. Vr360 films go beyond basic photographs or a basic point-of-view video, you can interact with the film as if you are there in real time.

Production & Post Services

Airscope provides a full production service for VR and 360 filming in 2D or 3D. We can assist VR production from Filming, Stitching, Stabilizing and Post for Events, Conferences, Virtual Tours, Digital Content, and Projects for Tourism, Heritage, Property Brokers, Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Developers.

Experienced and Trusted

Airscope is one of the few companies in the world providing Drones for Virtual Reality Production, 360 degree Video and Photography. We have the skills, the expertise, the technology and the experience to capture perfect and unobstructed videos with a 360 degree field of view.

360 Live Streaming to any platform

We can further provide 360 live stream solutions for your event from production to delivery. Increase your audience for you event on Facebook, Youtube or a custom RMTP Server for your website or app

Insta Pro Camera

Farsight Live Monitoring

FlowState™ Stabilization

8K 3D VR

HDR Video + Photo

120 Mbps Per Lens

CrystalView 8K Playback

“No-Stitch” Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Spherical Audio

Insta360 Pro Specs

6 x F2.4 fisheye lenses

6 x MicroSD cards + 1 x Full SD card

12V 5A adapter

Aluminum alloy

Exposure modes
Auto, Manual, Lens-by-Lens Custom, Shutter Priority (photo only), ISO Priority (photo only)



ISO Range

Battery Capacity
5100mAh removable battery

White Balance Modes
Auto, Manual

Bitrate per lens
Up to 120Mbps

Video Files

Video Coding
H264 in-camera, H265 available when post stitching

Post-processing Stitching:
7680 x 3840 @30 fps HDR (8K 2D)
7680 x 7680 @30 fps (8K 3D)
7680 x 3840 @60 fps (8K 2D)
6400 x 6400 @60 fps (6K 2D/3D)
3840 x 3840 @120 fps (4K 2D/3D Binning)

Real-time Stitching:
3840 x 3840 @30 fps (3D)
3840 x 1920@30fps(2D)

Live-streaming Protocol

Live-streaming Modes

Built-in server \ Custom server \ HDMI output
Note: Simultaneous live-streaming + recording is supported.

Video Modes
Standard \ Binning
Note: i-Log is available in all modes and HDR is available in some modes.

Photo Files

Real-time Stitching
7680 x 7680(3D)
7680 x 3840(2D)
Post-Processing Stitching
7680 x 7680 (3D)
7680 x 3840 (2D)
12000 x 12000 12K Super High-Res
(Multi-Photo Composite) (2D/3D)

Photo Modes
Single shot \ Burst (10 continuous shots) \ Timelapse \
AEB (Auto Exposure Bracket, optional 3, 5, 7, and 9 photos for in-camera HDR photos)
Note: Raw and JPG are both available in all modes

Video Transmission
Insta360 Farsight provides ground-to-ground range of up to 300 meters and ground-to-air range of up to 1000 meters, with 30 FPS preview.

Ultra-precise 9-axis gyroscope
Image Stabilization
FlowState stabilization

GPS signal antenna + WiFi signal antenna

Built-in module

Ethernet Port

Control software
Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

WiFi specifications
802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz. Signal range is about 20 meters in open space. Max preview framerate of 30 FPS, supported in roughly 5-meter range.

4 Mono Mic

Video Color Space
YUVJ420P,offering a wide color range

Audio coding format

Spatial audio

Optical Flow / Template

Exposure Range
12 stop

Proxy File
Six low-res proxy files (one per lens) automatically saved in video mode; tailored for smooth editing in Adobe Premire Pro

The Professional 360 Degree Aerial Process:

Capturing aerial 360 video that is stable, immersive, well-stitched and works for headset presentation is difficult and requires creative problem-solving skills because there are not many off-the-shelf products for flying 360.

To get the necessary stable video it requires a very good pilot capable of flying a heavier and more powerful drone that uses custom vibration dampeners and a specialized gyro stabilized gimbal that works only for 360 cameras.

What is a 360 gimbal? 

A 360 gimbal is a device used for 360 degree filming that not only removes the vibration or shake that comes from shooting video while moving but also allows you to shoot stable video by keeping the camera level on all axes to ensure that the horizon remains level. Normal gimbals cannot be used  to shoot 360 degrees as the gimbal will be in shot. 360 gimbals are specially designed to not be in shot around a 360 camera.

360 Projects

Airscope has completed many large 360 filming projects and has been trusted by clients such as;

DiscoveryVR USA
Dubai Tourism
Sharjah Media Council
Sharjah Tourism

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