Drone applications For Real Estate

The Real Estate industry has been one of the early adopters of Drones with savvy agents utilising the new technology to make their listings stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace.

Although aerial imagery is the primary Real Estate Drone application there are other areas Drones add value





Aerial Photography & Videography

Drones deliver a much richer view of a property than possible from ground based photography alone. The content is more engaging giving potential buyers a greater feel for the property as a whole. This advantages the agents as their listings stand out, and potential buyers as they get a better feel for the property without having to visit in person.

Property developers are also capitalising on Drones to illustrate what views might look like from elevated floors and windows before they have even been built.

Make your listings stand out from your competitors and get better return on your marketing investment.

We listen to your ideas and use our creativity, experience, and expertise to deliver professional grade, appealing real estate marketing content.
Capture more potential buyers, investors and tenants, including long-distance and international.

First Impression is everything and appealing content is the key to leaving a great one. Our real estate drone photography and video services are focused on helping you effectively market the property, location and lifestyle.
Attract more sellers by offering high quality professional marketing content.

Image is everything, consistency projects expertise. Working with professional real estate drone photography company helps you show your sellers that they are in good hands by providing them with the best available tools to market their property.

Panoramic Aerial Images

Airscope provides aerial 360° panoramic photographs as well as stills for print and online use.

Panoramic images are unique from stills and video as they place the viewer in the centre and in control, of what they want to see.  Apart from zooming in on the detail that interests the user, they can move 360° around and up and down giving a complete bird’s eye view.

180° and 360° Panoramas are perfect to offer  ‘Virtual Views’ allowing potential clients to see a specific view at a certain height and position, well before a building or apartment is even completed.

Mapping and Surveying

 Drones have reduced the cost and complexity of performing mapping and surveying activities, this has resulted in more uptake in capturing and utilising mapping and survey data. Property owners and developers now have access to up to the minute terrain maps, boundary lines, building point clouds and more.

Asset Inspection

Drones offer the perfect platform to inspect hard to reach areas that would ordinarily be difficult, or risky to reach in person.
Applications include roof inspections, building progress reports, insurance and more.
A quick and easy way to assess damage to facilitate insurance claims.  It is also a really convenient way to inspect  unsafe structures following damage and subsequently a way of checking on progress of repair work.

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