Drones have become the go-to tool for construction firms to track, map, survey, inspect, and manage worksites more efficiently and safely.

Through aerial imagery and data, builders can map projects, report progress updates and gain insights through advanced analytics to make better, faster and more reliable decisions.





On-Site Progress

There’s an enormous amount of potential once construction gets underway – helping to track progress, keep tabs on materials, improving visibility and keeping sites safe. The data also provides a useful audit trail should problems arise and ensures any that do are dealt with as soon as they become known.

As the project moves to construction, drone users can keep an eye on assets and materials, more accurately gauge progress and completion and be confident in the quality of work based on highly accurate data, minimising the need for rework.

Drones also have benefits in keeping sites and workers safe and protected, spotting hazards before they occur, and adding to a wealth of information that reduces the likelihood of legal challenges

We use aerial drones for accurate surveying, monitoring construction sites for both progress and to quickly identify unsafe practices. Show your clients an aerial map or layout of an important construction project or simply to give them a current progress report within 24 hours.

How We Do It

By programming and automating our entire flight paths – including drone and camera movements, we are able to fly precisely the same flight over and over again. The resulting video and photographs allow for immediate and apparent evidence of construction progress on a weekly or monthly basis.


• 4K UHD Video Filming
• 24 Megapixel Photography
• Computer controlled Drone & Camera movements
• Repeatable & identical each time

4 Videos taken on different Months.
NB – These videos are 10x the normal playback speed

What we can do

Showing The State of Progress

Most clients do not have the time to keep visiting an ongoing construction site, especially in the case of a 6-12 month project. Secondly, avoid having the client or investor disrupt the daily workflow by showing up onsite. Current on-the-ground pictures don’t always do the trick, so why not show your clients that you are now using the latest drone technology to document your progress reports?

Monitoring the Construction Site

Let’s face it, you have far too much work to be monitoring multiple job sites in any given day. Isn’t it time you took a bit of the load off and send up a drone to monitor weekly, bi-weekly or monthly progress on all  your properties? We can provide you with a detailed video of the job site, any work standard or safety issues that may be going on and save you time, money and energy commuting from one job site to the next.

Inspection of Structures

Get detailed first-person-views of every detail including structure integrity, aesthetics, or even if something was installed off-plan. We can even stream the video down directly to a TV monitor onsite.

Improve Safety Records

With your projects recorded as the progress in Ultra Fine 4K video, you can discover an unstable infrastructure, or a labor or subcontractor that fails to show up on a given day, or document a discrepancy in the foundation as its being built. Our surveying and mapping can provide you and your clients with the images that can keep a project humming along with a proven safety record and help you maintain a stellar reputation.

Keeping Every Project On Track

Saving money and coming in on-budget is key to staying in business these days as a mechanical engineer or contractor. You need to determine right away if a project has gone sideways in order to prevent cost overruns. Let Drone Films LTD prevent accidents or damage, consistently monitor your job sites for abnormalities, and prepare you to move quickly on any budget overages or sub-standard work that could your project shut down.

Our Aerial progress videos and photography provide clients and project managers with up-to-date overviews of construction progress, preventing cost overruns and anomalies.

Aerial Photography

Construction site aerial photography is now being integrated into mainstream construction CAD software.  Monthly progress photographs are being used to produce full 2d images that can be used for accurate measurement and use in conjunction with traditional quantity surveying methods.

Drone Photography Services see the applications where aerial photography drones (UAV’s) can be used cost effectively in the construction industry, and has been growing enormously over the past few years.

Images are now being used to create 3D meshes for building construction sites at key stages / milestones and these meshes are being integrated into the layers of CAD and construction project management software.

Aerial Photography

Our Creative Video Services can extend to full corporate films


  • High Resolution Photos up to 150 Mp
  • High Resolution Videos up to 6K
  • Photogrammetry Maps
  • 3D Reality Models
  • Volumetric Reports
  • 360 Stitched  Panorama photos
  • 180 Stitched  Panorama photos


  • Custom Ai Detection
  • 3D Reality Models
  • VR View for Headsets
  • Cloud Based Tools
  • Volumetric Reports
  • Video Editing
  • Live Streaming View


  • Enable drone technology to be your bird’s eye view of your site
  • Preserve a digital, visual record of your job site before decommissioning.
  • Software provides built-in analysis and annotation tools to calculate area, volume, and distance accurately.
  • Create 2D and 3D maps for accuracy and detail to resume operations quickly
  • Geotag onsite tools, machinery, supplies, and assets
  •  Access and share your data, maps, and reports securely

Enterprise Class Technology

Airscope has enormous pride in it’s relentless pursuit of the best technology available.
We work with established and proven brands such as WORKSWELL, FLIR and UVIRCO for specialist sensors and software.