ANRA Technologies Releases New Version of ANRA MissionManager™ for Drone Operations

ANRA MissionManagerANRA Technologies​ is a major name in UAS Traffic Management (UTM) around the world.   Now, the company announces the release of ​ANRA MissionManager™: a new version of their drone operations software platform​.

ANRA’s deep expertise in UTM and involvement in testing scenarios that involve multiple flights under a vast array of conditions has informed the development of this latest version of their platform.

“Building upon years of experience developing and deploying its drone operations software platform, MissionManager is the only turnkey drone operations solution that integrates fleet management, compliance, risk mitigation, flight automation, data capture, and analysis into a single platform,” says an ANRA press release. “This latest release also introduces features specifically developed for use in the energy, telecom, and construction industries.”

Mission CreationIn today’s fast changing industry, ANRA MissionManager™ is “…specifically designed to adjust to rapidly evolving regulatory environments,” says the release. “The secure cloud-based platform manages pilots and assets anywhere in the world, enabling seamless workflow coordination from the corporate office to the job site.”

The platform also supports cutting edge and future developments in drone platforms, including support for extensive flight automation and integration into the ANRA SmartSkiesTM UTM platform for beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations.  As new drone technology and new drone manufacturers emerge, ANRA provides a platform ready to accommodate the best tools for the job.

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