Better Analysis using the latest industry grade UAS software.

Automated Flights

By programming automate an entire drone flight - including drone and camera movements, we are able to fly precisely the same flight over and over again.

Cloud Storage

We can grant clients cloud storage to view data collected using our drones remotely at any point of time. This is essential in the event of large data storage.

Playback Content

Data such can be played remotely in real time by inspectors and can also be replayed multiple times. Clients can also make observatory notes in the playback cloud.


Better Analysis using the latest industry grade UAS technology.

GPS Enabled

Onboard GPS modules ensure that our aircraft hold accurate positions in outdoor environments. GPS also assists in automated recovery in case of an emergency.

Obstacle Avoidance

Position sensors installed onboard help the aircraft avoid obstacles as well as provide for an additional level of safety during indoor flights and areas of low GPS connectivity.

Industry Grade

Industrial environments require high endurance systems that can perform in harsh conditions including high temperatures, areas of abnormal magnetic fields etc.

Multiple Sensors

Our aircraft are able to carry multiple sensors. For inspection purposes we primarily use a combination of an optical zoom camera along with a thermal camera to collect valuable data.

Live Broadcast

We have industry grade technology that allows for long range live broadcasting in fullHD in the event of remote inspections.

Weather Proof

To provide robust industry grade services we work hard towards providing solutions that work seamlessly in harsh weather conditions.